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Teamwork Management Services Pvt. Ltd. is registered under the companies act 1956 in the state of Orissa having its registered office ( 008920) at Bhubaneswar.
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The organization is professionally managed by a spectrum of qualified entrepreneurs having expertise in Tourism, Taxi Services (TEAM TAXI),Air Ticketing, Export handicraft etc., This organization is always offer hope to the individual, will support the fundamental freedom of people to determine their own future, allowing them the time and resources to protect and nurture their family and receive reward in proportion to their effort.

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Tourism in India has shown a phenomenal growth in the past decade. One of the reasons is that the Ministry of tourism, India has realized the immense potential of tourism in India during vacations. India travel tourism has grown rapidly with a great influx of tourists from all across the globe who have been irresistibly attracted to the rich culture, heritage, and incredible natural beauty of India. India tourism with its foggy hill stations, captivating beaches, historical monuments, golden deserts, serene backwaters, pilgrimage sites, rich wildlife, and colourful fairs capture the heart of every tourist. In addition, a variety of festivals, lively markets, vibrant lifestyle, and traditional Indian hospitality, will make your experience as an india tourist truly unforgettable and fantastic. Travel through the lovely Indian states and discover closely the resplendent colors and rich cultural locales of this incredible land. Our India tourism guide provides you a glimpse of travel and tourism in india ,india tourism information about south india tourism, north India tourism, and all the major tourist destinations, and tourism services of India.
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Teamwork Management Services Pvt. Ltd. Brings transport solution for the people by introducing Team Taxi Services in Bhubaneswar from 6th March 2011.The most appealing part of the TEAM Taxi Services is PINK Taxies as will be only for ladies.TWMSPL will provide shared taxies as well as hire tax.The main moto is strengthening the public transport system. In the first its going to launch 100 AC Taxies for Bhubaneswar roads soon. The concept is started being popular in bhubaneswar and Teamwork plans to launch the same in diffrent cities very soon. Various car models are being tested on indian roads and security measures are taken to ensure the passenger safety and comfort.

We are in the era, in the situation to preserve Environment for our upcoming human generation. Not only duty but ethics. Pure nature ruined by us gradually with harmful things. Since we are disposing millions of food plates per day, those Plastic, Polymer or other chemical based plates becomes earth`s dangerous garbage. Not only harmful for earth; For living beings. These are the Eco friendly plates. Other Paper plates or Bamboo plates comes out by killing millions of living trees. Thus Environment`s neck crushed indirectly without knowing its seriousness. But these Areca nut Palm Leaf Plates are made of palm leafs which are naturally fallen from the tree. These plates never kill the tree. Waste leaves become elegant looking plates, cups and trays.. See More
Agriculture sector, the mainstay of the rural Indian economy, has grown at an impressive rate of 2.7 % during the 50 years of independence of country. The sector is directly related with the life of majority of people of the country and any change in its structure is expected to have a corresponding impact on the existing pattern of social equality.

We seek to improve the quality of people’s lives through focusing on their lifestyle and well-being. Quite simply, we want to help people live a healthy, happy life.

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